IndependenB bathtub



※ The parts attached to the bathtub photo are images.
Product name RIZ-IN
Texture Soft
Size(㎜) 1650 × 800 × 510(The parts attached to the bathtub photo are images.)
Option Whirlpool / micron
Information The soft bathtub is a cushioned bathtub made of a new soft material to be pressed gently by hand. When lying down in the bathtub, bathers will feel more comfortable than in a regular bathtub and accidents are also better prevented. As a state-of-the-art bathtub with comfort and superior safety, the soft bathtub is drawing attention in the global market.

Warmth Retaining
Thanks to the layer of polyurethane and coating pad, water temperature is ideal, and thus it is possible to maintain body temperature even during long baths.

The non-slip treatment prevents bathers from slipping on the bottom of the bathtub to prevent accidents. If there is a fall, the cushion works to alleviate impact to minimize injuries.

There is a reduced possibility of damage due to the nature of the material, which has strong durability against external impact.

Enjoy a bath while holding for a long time.

Diversity of Colors
No color restriction means a variety of products. In addition to the basic white, biscuits, and main colors, various colors can be used, creating a trend to suit the tastes of young customers who prefer individual colors and designs.